skype with you make me happy again :)

today I skype with ASC .. hewhewhewh.. ASC make me melting .. auchh >.< .. haha.. mybe long time no see :)
hahaha :D.. btw I miss you :'(.. dont know why .. aiyakk.. want to hear your voice again :'(.. can arhh ?? k bye :/.. thats all from me ..  this picture before and after skype with him :)

he's said my muncung like ikan -.-

before skype with asc :)

P/s : sebenarnya tak ade idea nk update , saje nk update pasal jejak perak ni je :).. kalau kau baca ni lantak arhh .. hahha.. sorry english broken :p.. haha.. selamat membaca ye *PEACE* ^^v


Ost Ombak Rindu - Hafiz Feat Adira Mp3